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All XML-RPC calls to Conversant flow through a single procedure, named "Conversant.call" on the Conversant server. This procedure takes a single parameter, which is a struct type, containing the values required authenticate the user, locate the appropriate method, and evoke it.

All XML-RPC functions are provided through Interfaces. Four values are required in all Conversant.call requests, they are:

  • rpcInterface [ string ] : The name of the interface to call.
  • rpcMethod [ string ] : name of the method to call. This can be a simple string ( ie, "getName" ), or a dot separated string for interfaces with nested calls ( ie, "sort.getLast" ).
  • rpcUsername [ email address ] : The member email address. Currently this must be a zone admin to make XML-RPC calls.
  • rpcPassword [ string ] : The password you long on to the zone with.

Additional parameters are specific to the interfaces and methods called, and are documented in the Interfaces documentation.

When making calls from your programming environment to zones on the Free-Conversant server, the following host information should be used:

  • rpcHost = www.free-conversant.com
  • rpcPath = /ConvRPC
  • rpcPort = 80

Last update: 7/17/2003

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