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query: runQuery

Interface: query
Method: runQuery

Run a query on conversation messages, and return delimited text version of the results.

Required Parameters:

  • zoneId: unique identifier of a zone.
  • convId: unique identifier of a conversation.
  • queryArgs: a query argument string in the format "field=value&field2=value2", etc. Query strings are the same as used in Advanced Query Pages, and may be cut-and-pasted from the url of a search in an AQP. All base and custom fields may be searched. Sort order is specified in the string using the "sortKey=field" and "sortDir=[asc/dec]" arguments.
  • resultFields: a list of message fields to return in the result. Only fields lists will be returned in the result text, including msgNum -- acceptibles values are the names of any custom fields, and: msgNum, creationDate, modificationDate, creatorName, modifierName, creatorAddress, modifierAddress, subject, body, label.

Optional Parameters:

  • queryOptions: queryOptions in a struct-type parameter specifying optional query settings. Currently supported: "showTopLevelTopicsOnly", a boolean value determining if the result will show only top-level topic messages.
  • delimiter: character or text string to use to delimit fields in the result text. Default value: tab.
  • altDelimiterCharacter: string to use in place of the delimiter string, should it appear in a message field.
  • returnCharacter: in order to encode delimited text, hard returns most be stripped from the values in the message fields. If you wish an alternate character/string to be used in place of hard returns, you may specify that using this parameter.

Returns: delimited text

2002/02/11 by Greg Pierce

Last update: 3/5/2002

xmlrpc >> interfaces >> query >> query: runQuery