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RadioConversant 1.0d2

January 23, 2002

This is the second "development" release of RadioConversant, a Radio UserLand tool for working with Conversant sites.



RadioConversant requires either Radio UserLand or Frontier. Trial versions of each are available from UserLand Software.

There's a Read Me file to explain how to install and use the RadioConversant tool. You'll find it in the RadioConversant folder.

This is very much a pre-release/test/un-supported tool. It currently allows you to do two things: post to weblogs, and edit templates in your conversation. It's mainly being distributed as an example app showing how to access Conversant's XML-RPC interfaces. Feel free to manipulate this code if you're comfortable in the Radio scripting environment (Usertalk).

It's rough around the edges. Don't say we didn't warn you. But, it's also a very convenient tool.

You must be a zone admin on your Conversant site, to use XML-RPC. This is a temporary limitation, but until we have more time to test security in the XML-RPC interfaces it's prudent to leave this limitation in place. Eventually, Conversation admins, and even members will be able to access appropriate functions via XML-RPC as well.


Version 1.0d2 (1/23/2002)

  • Reorganized the menu
  • Added Tool Info for Radio's "Tools" system page
  • New features in the template editor: one click to post the template back to your site, or to edit the template in the browser.
  • Support for Automatic Updates. Bring any RadioConversant window to the front, and select the "Update RadioConversant.root" item from the Tools menu.
  • It's now possible to manage multiple zones with same zone Id (a bug that only affected server admins)

Please post your comments on the Conversant support site.


Last update: 1/23/2002

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